Wednesday, January 25, 2012


His baby, he don't act like himself no more
He lost that smile he use to adore
He spend his nights slapping his veins
He lost that glow he used to have on his face

Empty, burned bottle on the carpet
His baby lying beside it

Tin foil and melted sugar everywhere
He said his provider was his pharmacist friend Ben
He swore He's gonna kill him because

The poppy took his baby away from him

His baby used to repeat the news
And now he talks about dragons on the wall
Used to love German expressionism films
Now he drinks until he falls

He was confused, didn't know what to do
So He called his momma, had her come on over
She got him off the ground, started slapping him around
And now she cried, she said she said she said

The poppy took my baby away from me


  1. Pucha. That hurt. I had an ex na adik noon. I watched him burn his life away.

    In semi-related news, did you know that poppy seeds produce false negatives on drug tests?

  2. haha. i didn't even know i could make up something out of it.

    i think i didn't know that. well, opioids are derivatives from the chemical compounds of the poppy plant. so yeah, it(poppy seeds) might produce false negatives due to its raw and unprocessed compounds.