Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tell me your poison.

One of the reasons why I stay away from blogging sensitive topics, is that when I do, it's like opening a Pandora's Box. I feel like I've just spit out my heart and guts for everyone to see.

There's this feature you can activate, where you can get asked by someone on Tumblr, anonymously or not. And when I did, all hell broke loose and

Here's a screen cap

When I published this question from an anonymous source, I got a ton of Tumblr Asks and all of them came from anonymous sources.

Questions ranged from LGBT rights to how do I deal with same-sex relationships, to even skin care. I don't know if those anons are seriously reading my blog or they just want to set me up and see me fail. I still love Tumblr though. Anonymous TA's scare the shit out of me and sprains my brain sometimes.

I swear, last night, my brain did a back flip and a cartwheel trying to answer my anons truthfully and tactfully.