Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Fail

Last Friday, me and a friend tried applying for a job at JP Morgan & Chase Co. in Bonifacio Global City. Apparently, the one who referred us to her company gave us a very inaccurate scheme on how to get there without fuss. So I tried my best not to get lost. Halfway through, we just lost our way and ended up traversing the whole of McKinley from EDSA to the recruitment hub.

I was tired as fuck after we have traveled literally on foot. Thank heavens, my friend decided to treat me to dinner just to console me. I could have bitchslapped her then and there, but yeah, I kept calm and poised as always (Although, I was sure I threw a few cusses and swears at her at some point when I was frantically calling her non stop.)

After a very brief dinner date with her, the "referror," we opted to go and chill out somewhere (Tomas Morato, duh?!). P came by and we played DoTA yet again. We went home tired and frustrated that night.

Saturday night, I went with P to a blogger meet up. Met up with the very animated group of bloggers at Harbor Square in CCP Complex. Ate dinner at KFC (yes, because we're very posh) and headed to Starbucks. After we finished our "drinks" they wanted a different kind of drink and honestly I was game for it after all the fail I went through last Friday.

So yeah, we headed to Malate. I was expecting that it would be fun and all, but oh dear, I think my jaw dropped 20 times. (O-bar, that pink ominous sign...) Then P was a little uncomfortable and then we decided to pull away from the group. We had to cut the fun short and we had to apologize for being party poopers, but it wasn't our kind of thing.

Yeah, P and I like to go to bars but not the kind where there are gyrating half-naked bodies all around and there are the judging eyes. I have the innate ability to be oblivious to all the unwanted attention but P is just not comfortable with the whole set up. So there, we had to go somewhere else.

We strolled around the shady parts of Manila, I was scared for dear life. We decided to back to Tomas Morato and play DoTA as usual. 4 fucking rounds and we didn't even win a single one. GODFUCKINGDAMMIT!!!

Oh well, weekend fail indeed.

On a lighter note, I am gonna sell Halo-Halo for my sister's research project. 200 bucks per day for only 5 days, not bad right?

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